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Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy

About this product

Derived from the plasma, Platelet Rich Fibrin is a complex matrix of cells used to accelerate the healing of soft tissues. It is used in the treatment of under eye circles and hollows, hair restoration, and superficial signs of aging. When prepared specifically for certain procedures it is known as Bio Filler and can be used as a regenerative therapy to restore youthfulness in the face, neck and hands.  

Treatment Info

After a venipuncture is performed to collect blood, it is spun down to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. It is this topmost layer than is extracted and injected into the areas needing treatment. This is an excellent way to volumize, contour and refresh the face, hands and neck while minimizing side effects as it is all derived from your own body. Your provider will customize a treatment plan for your beauty goals to determine is Platelet Rich Fibrin or Bio Filler is right for you. 

Botox Treatment
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